It's September 28, 2017 and we're ready to start our venture up north to Boston, New York, and Maryland in our home-on-wheels! We have photoshoots already scheduled in Maryland and neither Kyle nor I have seen New York or Boston since we were little kids! We're feeling hopeful that THIS trip will mark the first successful RV drive since having our entire engine rebuild this summer. Now, not only were WE ready to start the adventure, but the ole’ Hurricane finally was too!  :)  

So we hit the road and made way to our first stop, Cookeville, where we would visit our wonderful friends, the Moss family, who truly had become more like family than friends! The Moss family owns a beautiful farm named Little Creek Produce and also house college students from Tennessee Tech. This is where our Sam comes in!   He's a BRILLIANT guy who's studying mechanical engineering and has been so good to us and helping us on our RV since our first trial-by-fire trip in early summer.


Ok so, rewind: These lovely people came into our lives during Kyle's and my first "practice run" in the RV where we traveled to Defeated Creek. Charlene was parked right next to us with her trailer and within minutes of Chelsea (our dog) inviting herself over to Charlene's to say Hi, we quickly became friends.  By the end of the night Sam had driven all the way out to us to help us work on the electrical in the RV and Ms.Charlene and her son, Corey, had made dinner for us and brought it over!  Til' this day I know they are God's angels sent to Defeated Creek just for us <3 They're truly special people!

Fast forward, here we are on October 16th!  Our trip at the Moss's ended up being a three day visit, since our wonderful RV is a little temperamental and chose to burn up a few spark plug wires on the way. ;)  So, when life gives you lemons, what do you do? Yes... make lemonade!  We enjoyed our time at their farm visiting with one another, taking photographs, and being where we were at... all while Kyle worked hours underneath the RV trying to fix the spark plug issue. Spoiler Alert!!! - He did! Luckily, on day three we hit the road (successfully) and two weeks later we've had a fantastic trip and are heading back down to Nashville, TN, where we will be photographing Fall mini sessions!

p e a c e & l o v e, 

Amanda, Kyle, n' Chels <3


Winter Island RV Park

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