Not all those who wander are lost.

... reads the whimsical white font, printed on the rustic wood pallet square; underneath the watercolor image of a 1970's style Volkswagen van.  This World Market found treasure is about as cliche' as the idea of young married couple living on the road full-time and working from home.  We're not trying to be original, innovative, revolutionary, or inspirational with our chosen way of life.  We're simply living authentically.  Discovering what is most important to us in life, and carving out time for it.  Making the necessary sacrifices of less valuable "creature comforts" for the satisfaction of following the heart.  

less things. more experiences.

This is us, living our fullest life.  That looks differently for every person, because every person is different; but this is what it looks like for us :)

Our favorite things are spending time...

    in nature, with each other, meeting new people, seeing new things, reading, being still, finding contentment, helping people, exercising, and listening to music -

 - so we carved some time out for them!